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January Thursday,24 1863 What a snow storm that was! My limited space in yesterday's allotment prevented me from saying much about it but as I have nothing much to tell about today I will try and briefly write of "What I know about snow storms." After leaving home yesterday I made a rush for the ferry which I reached as also the ferry boat. When I reached new York the snow "was falling thick and fast " so much so that one could not see but a very little ways ahead of him. This it was that brought about an accident in which I figured prominently. As I hurried along up Fulton street with my scarf around my neck and my hat drawn over my face I felt all of a sudden a most disagreeable sensation being [indecipherable]. Looking up i saw a young fellow sitting upon the sidewalk wondering I suppose how he cause to do so foolish a thin as to take a seat in the White House, no I don't mean that I mean in the white snow.. I got Jim Aveilhe's speech intermingled with that young snow squatter. I reached Barclay st. Jim wasn't there. I got into the six o'clock train and arrived in So. Orange at about seven, the snow was now absolutely fearful and during the time I passed by reaching the college I often thought "will I ever get to the College. I did get there however.

In my endeavors to relate the incidents of Thursday I left out everything concerning the doings of yesterday. As today and yesterday have both been very quiet I can now repair my fault. Yesterday was devoted partly to my speech a d partly to examinations. I was examined in Latin and passed remarkably well. So far everything is getting on splendidly. We are then examined in Logic in March a long ways off. So far and yet so near. Jim aveilhe myself and George Lynch went to Newark to day. Enjoyed ourselves very greatly.

To start a paper. How, when, and where? These were the things that occupied me during the day and I may add during the night as l went to bed and fell asleep with visions of shears scraps and papers flying here and there. If we can only set the permission of malley who owns a press and of Dr. Corrigan who heads the college we are all right. We have fixed the name it is the Setonian. We have got the outline and the matter for each page and now for the permission of the two worthless who at least in thus case have a great case in hand.

                                                       Monday, 27

To get recreation ! such was the occasion of the assembling of the Junior's at the Dr.'s room at half past ten o’clock.”no boys you are going to be examined in the rest of your classes today” Black faces and sorrowful faces freeted these smooth by uttered words and we (the Juniors) retrace our steps with more shuffling of feet than is perhaps necessary. We were examined this morning in Rhetoric and in Greek this afternoon. In Rhetoric Father Sald and Mr. Philips were the examiner. All the class did well. InGreek Dr. Corrigan and Professor Blumé were the examiners. All the class did splendidly. [indecipherable] Greek had nothing more to do with the way of studying. From this till Friday no more study. Very nice but then the scene to be enacted in the hall prevents itself and there I am once more thinking of the exhibition. The praise of many people is upon me! I am speaking! I am failing! I am breaking down! How unwatchable papa looks! How ashamed Uncle appears! A hoarse laugh misheard from behind! Jim Aveilhe is before my desk and here the exhibition is yet a day and a half off.

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