Washington Rock

Famous for its sweeping vistas, this commemorative park functioned as a strategic lookout during the Revolutionary War.

A focal point of the South Mountain Reservation, Washington Rock is located at the end of Crest Drive, which is closed to vehicular traffic. It is also a short hike from the Locust Grove Parking Lot.

Washington Rock is a Revolutionary War historic site, which was rededicated in 1992. The area was utilized by George Washington as a Beacon Signal Station throughout the American Revolution to observe British troop movements within Staten Island and New York City. In 1780, British troop activity was discovered that led to engagement during the Battle of Springfield. Later, Washington Rock served as a strategic lookout during the War of 1812.

Today the view is obscured by trees but do not worry! If you walk downhill on the sidewalk there is a dramatic viewpoint at the American flag. You can look out over Millburn's commercial area and Milburn Station.



Crest Dr, Millburn, NJ 07041