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January, THURSDAY 9 1873 I felt very sleepy this morning, but had to get up with the other boys. Today is our weekly recreation day, and it proved to be most weakly to me (pardon reader this most unsuccessful attempt at a joke). Most of the morning I was writing my speech, which I finished about three or four in the afternoon. At ten or eleven o clock in the morning I received a long letter from papa. It is the first one I have received in 1873 . I am glad to see papa has begun as well as he usually writes very short letters; seldom if ever reaching the middle of the second page. I believe, I answered the letter "de mon pere", during the hours of three and six p.m. In the evening I received a long letter from Bay and Brasher. It was five pages and a half of business paper. An excellent letter, well written, and filled with uninteresting news. In the course of the letter he says that Mary and he went to the concert of the Amateur Philharmonic on Tuesday the 8th, Agst. I went out walking with Zurin the seminarian today. Went as far as the village I had a very nice walk. The wind was very cold, but, as I had on my Overcoat, I overlooked its boyish freaks. I retired to bed somewhere near 9 o clock, and slept soundly, as far as I can remember about half past 9:00, Mike came up with a candle, and, as it's blaze was thrown in my eyes, we quarreled.

                                                                         Friday 10    
 Woke up and thought up (after the prefect how come to my bad for the third time). The hour before logic class, or in other words at a quarter of 9 I brought my speech up to father James, and read it to him. It was to long, so I left it with him to be reduced. In the afternoon the boys got permission to go out sleigh riding. As I had no desire to have my ears frozen, my hands chapped, and my nose turned into a red icicle, I stayed at home. This good example I was followed by about nine besides myself, so I did not want for company as there was nobody but Father James, and as we were oh wow to go just wear we wanted, we had a nice time. I received my speech back today, it was terribly shut up, but a copy of it, with the corrections inserted coma made all things lovely. This is the last time I suppose I should be write it. This evening I received a letter from Many. It was very short small note paper, lines far between, each word occupying more space than is ordinarily allowed, and only two pages and a little over after all. The excuse was headache and stupid feeling. The boys did not return from their sleigh ride till after half past seven, and , as we usually have supper at seven, I felt very grumpy, and did justice to my reputation when at last I did get "something" to eat.
                                                                       Saturday 11      

Six o clock found me awake; half past six saw me in the study Hall. Was for the first time in class with our new teacher, a Mr.Phillips, a very nice Old Gentleman 1 who will prove a good teacher. He was once a Protestant minister, or some such thing, but has lately become a convert to the Catholic Church. In the evening I received another long letter from Bay and Brasher. He is a most excellent correspondent, and tells me so much about Society news in Brooklyn and New York, that I always look forward with great pleasure to the arrival of a letter, with his well-known handwriting.

                                                                       Sunday 12th
Went to half past ten o clock mass. This is the first Sunday I have then in Seton Hall for about three or four weeks. First one week ago, I was looking over the papers up in Johnnie's room. Stayed in the study hall today writing a letter to Bay and Brasher. I finished it about four o clock. It was eight pages in length,  but filled with nonsense. I was prevented from going to early bed tonight, because, the clothes, or rather change, had  even "mussed". Mike is very attentive to me . I do not notice him. I have scarcely spoken to him since.

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