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January, THURSDAY 16 1873 If yesterday was bad, oh what was today to begin with a fog, commencing it's existence with the first glimpse of day, gradually, with by which began to obscure all things around the college. On the mountain it was thick; white valley no letter. Inside or outside of the college was a choice between two evils. I had expected my father but as hour by hour slipped bye and found the fog instead of improving increasing in thickness John gave up all his founded hopes. Agreeably surprised was he therefore to receive a visit from Mr. Horuetto of 30 Schemerhem St. Brooklyn. The greetings over the allotted (?) form (only one hundred and fifty pounds) was terribly shocked to hear that many had eved and Billy was very sick. But to speak more seriously, I feel very bad to hear of the sickness at home although Hometto told me neither had assumed a dangerous form. I obtained permission from Michael to go down with my friend to the depot and it was with a faint heart that I saw my Italiau(?) comrade off. The fog still continues. I go to bed with a sigh. I ask it if this fog will we be rid. Answers cometh nevermore.

                                                                       Friday 17

I finished my letter to Bay and Brasher at about eleven o'clock. And when did I commence it? On Tuesday afternoon! Surely I have reason to coincide with the " thoughts of the tongue night" or rather "the night thoughts of the young , "procrastination is the thief of time". What a lucky thing that poor young wrote that line of truth as well as poetry. As far as I can see it is about the only thing he gets any praise for. I am preparing for the humor exhibition as hard as I can. I was up two or three hours this evening speaking as well as I could. I have improved wonderfully. At least this is what everyone tells me. Indeed I am surprising myself . Punning all the time. I have been in elocution class I have never no not once spoke a piece decently. I have made up my mind time and time again to cast off my backwardness In speaking and by a proud effort to keep on improving. Notwithstanding all my solutions it was not some I commenced to speak my oration or whatever it is termed that I have made that effort that punch out a better future in the line of speaking at least.

                                                                    Saturday 18

Speaking, speaking, speaking! Oh the bliss of speaking to do nothing but speak is anything but what j would like. In the evening I received a long letter from Bay and Brasher. In the morning I received an extra issued by the the N.Y. (undecipherable)containing Mark Twain's Letters from the Sandwich Islands, H.W. Beecher's lecture on compulsion, Educator Dr. Bellows' lecture on Is there a god Jas T. Field's lecture on mastering of the situation and Wendell Phillips' on the lost arts. It was sent to me by Bay and. Very kind in him to remember as much.

                                                                  Sunday 19

Billiards speaking and letter writing were the means adopted to make the hours fly . The writing consisted of a letter ten and a half pages long written to Miss Went and describing my adventures on New Years day. Went to bed about half past nine o'clock p.m. Uncle William and Susu Q Turmon were up today. The latter is in very good health and is now almost as tall as George and Will.

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