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February, [Centered] Saturday, 15. [Right] 1873.

On this day ninety three years ago Blackstone breathed his last. What a mind must not this man have had. Two or three years ago I was advised by one of my teachers to study three works the works of Blackstone of Shakspere [Shakespeare] and some one else whose name I do not at this moment remember. I cannot say that I have as yet followed this excellent advice. I may do better as I grow older. My intentions of reading Shakspere [Shakespeare] and Blackstone some what resembles the resolution of a certain man to leave off drinking. “Sambo, where’s your master?”-“Gone out.”-“I hear he has quit drinking.”-“Yes, dat’s true: mas’r leave off livo, tree times dis very morn’n.”

[Centered] Sunday, 16.

There has just been published a queer book with a queer name. It is called “Tar-Heel Stories In Vernacular Verse.” We have space for one extract.

[Centered] “---------------Rarftin’ lorgs

Years ago upon the Suanee---

With Ashley Cole, Will Starks and Ed. Flynn

And a dozen more maybe.”

I wonder if there “Vernacular poetry is so good, what must their vernacular prose not be.

[Centered] Monday, 17.

Two or three days ago I received a letter from papa and also one from Aunt “Jin.” Papa says all are well at home. Aunt Jin is also in good health. Her letter is eight pages in length. She says that this winter there has been no “real cold weather” in Florence and Vicinity. Roses have been blooming in the open air all the time. What a contrast to the weather we are having. Here it is the middle of February and it seems to grow colder every day. Uncle John says regarding my speech of January that papa has spoken so much about what the emigrant has done that I ought to vary the performance a little by telling what the emigrant has not done. He is enjoying him self and has not the least wish to return to America. To day I think it was that I received a letter from Bayard Brasher. He writes very despondingly about the coming ball season in Brooklyn and vicinity. To day eight years ago Columbia S.C. was burned. Sherman is blamed a good deal for this as it is said that after he had given his promise to protect the town if it would surrender he permitted his hopes to burn it. This however is only one side of the story.

[Centered] Tuesday, 18.

To day is the three hundred and twenty seventh anniversary of Martin Luther’s death. This founder of Protestantism is no doubt one of the shining spirits in Heaven. Poor fellow notwithstanding he had founded that religion compared with which the Catholic religion is a mere humbug Luther never came near going back to the Catholic Church, He was actually astonished to find out that he was the founder of the religion which is to be the religion of mankind. Some cruel and bigoted historians would make believe that you strayed from the Roman Catholic Church because you were too proud to obey your rightful superiors. Poor Martin the best of Saints the purest martyr and the noblest of men how could any human being so traduce you. You were not proud. Oh no indeed! You were inspired to redeem the world! You were truly a savior of the people. Puritans, Methodists, Pantheists Monnonites [Mennonites] and Tiree Lovers three cheers for the Head of the Protestant Church. Viva the devil and his brother Martin Luther.

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