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July Thursday 5th 1877

And now all the paper opeal of the unusually quiet Fourth. For a gracious what it must have been of worse than yesterday. To Home early this morning I [?] in travel day light- in circumstances of bathing with Fitspatick. Met Braden yesterday, also Areph [?] Braden bootcamp oddly of course. He + I chatted considerably. He was found for college Point. For up after 12 didn't go to bed tell [?] after. Made out my bill $20.70. Expect it to be cut down. [?] very little there. To office. Sent up to interview new suspects on [?] Hayes scandal. Another prominent scandal is the [?] one. To Harris about 11 or 12. Read second letter ffrom Aunt Jin.

Friday 6th

With just 2 cents to cross ferry. Recd $19.70 cut down one dollar. Paid Nashit one [?] dollars owing him. A funny sting of mine appeare in today's [?] entitled "A Patriotic Prisoner". Editor spoke of it with praise + said that was what he wanted. He said I might even imagine a little [?] as if this [?] were not out of whole cloth. Before going to court and [?] live more one purely imaginative and the other with just particle of [?] in it. To court + back to office. Handed in copy. Heard live editors enjoy up my 2nd funny story. Have [?] that is to [?]!

July Saturday 7th

Paid Mrs. Harris $2. Bought suit clothes $14.50. Swamped in pocket again. To count two items sent off Aunt [?] letter to me. To him yesterday or day before. My funny story in today's paper. Wrote another one or rather handed in one I wrote yesterday. To 13 O Livingston St. where Braden now lives [?]. I did not see him either time. Saw [?] woman there who was very polite. Not a cent in my pocket. No supper for me today and no dinner either for that matter. To Harris' about 8. Chatted awhile with old gentleman. Sat an stoop alone for about an hour. Then lay [?] bed with clothes an restless sleep. Not feeling well and low spirited.

Sunday 8th

Left home about 9:20 [?] after 10. Had to borrow 7 cents from news man to Court; also the morning paper, Herald + [?]. Met Nashit on Second Avenue. He put himself about + got me $1. Nothing to eat till 11. Then it was 5 cakes. Something to eat at 12 or [?] 1 1/2. Another funny [?] of mine in today's paper. Whole one [?]. Paid back news man. To Batyh on 3.30 [?]. Miss [?] here till after supper. Gain with [?] + papers + a [?]. Pass of a dull day feeling badly. Been smoking greatly of late. To bed late.

Monday 9th

Right cool yesterday + last night. Very unlike July weather. Borrowed 50 cents from Papa today. How I am to get through rest of week I don't know. Cool + damp today. Everything feel damp about the [?] and on you. Writing with [?] pen but found another which [?] easily. Recd. [?] yesterday from Magie Soupfaff. [?] about doing nothing. Ellen got me something to eat. Dome of this dinner they were having down stairs. Very enjoyable. Got off 2 o'clock dummy. Several delays along the way. [?], court was not adjourned. Found that good many cases were there. [?] up a great many for Brewer. Wrote up quite a number for myself, among others a half [?] imaginative funny sketch. Met Stanley[?] Wood of World at Court. To the Herald office. Sent a letter to Aunt Sue by Hervey [?] for some money. Loafed about office till late, nothing for my trouble. To Harris about 11. Quite a warm day, that is for this cool summer season of 1877.

Tuesday 10th

Papa's 50 cents still lasting me. When arrived at Court borrowed 25 cents from [?] at court 48 pages [?] for Bureau 12 at a time closely until tea. Wrote 1/2 almost Berye' case for Herald. Ground photo up in Herald. Head until next cheapest [?] from Aunt Sue. 20 cent dinner.

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