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July Saturday 21st 1877 Slept in spare room. Up in time for breakfast: Took mush and milk. Faced with the {sup} them with Willie to moms and Essex R.R. I wished to go that way as I had worked on it often and as I wished love how {shield} and other things had changed in year. Found some things changed found others familiar to Herald office. {Asked try me shan} what time I got there in morning and when in afternoon. So if think ill go to office so often in middle of the day. Nicer day than yesterday, still treating rain and damp. Miserable weather this past week haven’t been dry the whole week; that is why clothes have been sticky. Brewer lake at court myself a little late. Only one thing worth writing and that [rather writed]. Caught 7 {?} Brought 7 semi cigars for a quarter. All gone before I retired. Something I eat before to Bath. Paid Mrs. Harris $5 all I owed her. She wanted $7 including what I owe Harris for a hammer. I told her I’d stand at the hammock part and convinced her I owed her only 5. She said she’d forgot. She was a little sharp that way with many too. Saw Pauline, Mary, Rob, Mr. and Mrs. Hayard and Dan and Marcus Kelly. Myself and carl this tried to give cladis now but O’Brien boat leaking. Spent some time stoop conversing with Pauline. Received long and opened letter from Maggie. She is in Lancaster and Eugene good health. My room in great condition. Saw Mrs. Bullins and also Marie and Leosmia. Put on my bed shirts lately after doing without for weeks. Sunday 22nd Rushing breakfast for 8 driving ; in time. To court: in time; by 10 1/4. At greenwood for 12 ½ driving ; just in time. For Obrien in time. Lucky boy. Saw during the day Pauline and others. Fitzpatrick corset was included. Out rousing in a leaking boat. No free Mary upset by inscribe of quirk . Im bathing myself and others. Pauline May and Fitzpatrick is William. Pauline and I set up some little time on stoop- stupid , half pleasant time. My room has been in bad condition all along. Today or here and about fried it up a little bit. Dan Kelly as sheet insist. Fitzpatrick is city. To bed after 11. Monday 23rd

Breakfast about 8 ½. O’Brien and I bathing. We went to Fornelli afternoon. This did not occur today but tomorrow. Found it warm in city. Nothing of our account at court: Brought Willie a hat. Tomorrow his birthday. Also, Mary Harrison great twice of bathing ever all over. Bloodshed away and nothing universal. Pauline away. Miss Young, Darius Kelly, together here. 

Tuesday 24th Bathed. Loafed around a while i.e., save lunch. On 1 journey to city bus then to Prospect Park. Darius is back lye’s. We nickname. Played with my bent vest on. Very warm. Walked home with HD Newman. O’Brien away. Willie birthday paced off well. Mr. Florence short visit folic away. To bed by 12. Wednesday 25th Up rather late. Breakfast about 9. Out in front of home talking with the children and with Mrs. O’Brien. I’m bathing. Wallis very pleasant. I’m tended to go away early but did not carry out intention. Had slight collaboration then on journey 12 or 12 ½ to Brooklyn. Papa Mrs. Williams and Marie on mauri train. With can’t this to New York. Very warm day 90 and over in the shade. Worried about article in sun about 57th st prison. Nothing came of it so far. It was common work yet the, upright hold was responsible for it as it assumed near me. Saw Brewer. Had no court was is wait To Herald office. Shaved in Brooklyn. Brought extra clothes to Bath. Have an 7 journey. Are of this call off the track at New hatchet. No one hurt. Lady was is have called an Miss Bellman Shout walked and talked. Glimpse evening. Read bellman nellie great twice continues. Nothing so dreadful or so widespread ever before. Fitzpatrick comet was down bad. Let him in my night gown. He stayed all night. Felt warm is sleep after while. 92 in shade in city today. Thursday 26th O’Brien back. Fitzpatrick away early. Bathed. Wash daily but pleasant. Strike can{?} Hundreds killed and wounded N.O 4 headed . Made out bill $10.70. 93 in shade. Played ball. We were walkin 5 by 5 safety nets. Back on 3 ½ journey. Took away. Dull evening

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