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July Friday 27th 1877 To Herald. Drew solar $10.70. Paid Preston $ 2.00. Paid Harris about this time $1.50 for this hammock. Getting gradually out of debt. Nothing at court. Have not written any thing for Herald in some days. Last week was a very good one for unpacking. Everyone except myself did well and I kept out of the way as the wealthier was assumed warm. To Bath. On an early journey. Mr. and Mrs. Obrien last night here. Saturday 28th Brewer and I at court. Think I went in bathing today. Obrien under children away. They left in afternoon. The house looks less lively in circumstance. Nothing at court. Deduct trial a line with Brewer given there. He and I agreed to decide up overtime. I is cover the court- Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday he upset of the week. To bath in good season. Loafed around till bed time. Sunday 29th On a journey. No court- six pretty good reason. Good deal of work. After trip Obrien’s copy kept me late. Had my dinner at a restaurant. No bath late in afternoon. Met Bayard at Bath Park. He took supper & left. With him to station. Reading our memorial preview offer a fashion. Wrote to Maria about this time. Monday 30th

I allow my diary to go without being written in till I forget the exact date of things. To New York with Willie. To new office. To court: had centennial mead, ice cream peaches & a supper of toast. Home on the a journey. Willie with his eyes open all the way up back. Fell asleep had bought the little fellow as he bounced tired. Had lone walk back.

Tuesday 31st In bathing today. Found the water splendid. Don’t know if I did bathe. It was however about this time. First time in some days. To court with little Willie. The day was quite warm. To new office. Had- no it was yesterday. All upside down. Wood & a juices neck at court. Wood & I had little way. Gave back a ticket for Pony Hunters excursion. Included to visit Miss Ballium did not: Mom & Papa out: Read and Wbed Wednesday 1st Up after 9 breakfast. Later fixed up my room a little & did some things love Uranium away in a bundle. To court: almost nothing there. To Herald office in a hurry rushing to get out early lost all if call a Miss Ballium. Bayard there. We had a nice house divine. Then to bath together. Passed a rather quiet evening Mary playing and tall cup to Bayardd. We went to bed after 11. Cool weather. Thursday 2nd We all breakfasted about 8 or 8 1/2. Bayard self-loafed about till 10 ¼ when we left for 10 ½ journey. Wore my old pair pants & old coat. My boots are ready now. Papa on sauce journey, to city. Saw the carpettes dauphools. New Hudson ferry with Bayard and I up Broadway to Franklin St. We parted separately. To restaurant 25 cent dinner further fare then of usual of late. To new office. Saw Brewer. To herald. Further from Willie O Saunan which I assured. Made out bill $10.70. Met Bayardat Frilton Ferry. To Prospect Park. Uranian up continentals. We worked 9 to 2. I had not much to do and did not do that little extra well. Bayard played for a very short time. He and I walked to dinner then by rail to bath. Dad at our house. Looking very well. Bayard & Mary out walking. Saw Miss Batherson & had nod from her. Pasted letter from yesterday. Neanderthal plain. Cloudy weather off and on this week. Friday 3rd Bayard & Dada left after 9. To the city late. Wrote special about Bath Bar for Herald. Not to court, Back early. Again included calling on miss Batherson but deep down for these days. Mary & Papa visiting Bags & I walking and listening to poor music. Saw Henderson. Drew $10.70

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