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AUGUST, SATURDAY 4TH, 1877 Actually up by 5 1/2. Bump + I roll a piece. Furnell's by 6 1/2 to go crabbing in Cinq Nlurd Creek. No dummy till 711. Brought papers + off. Readied creek by 8 or little after, fished till 12. Caught 20 or 30 hard shell + soft shell crab. N bath by quarter is 1. Myself to Prospect Park wplg ball. Unions about 39 Gueidas of Flatbush about 9. Walked in park from Oliduie from park Waifuie. Have spent a little while walking about; N bed tired. Eating crabs. Mary out somewhere. SUNDAY, 5TH Be 8 dummy to Brooklyn. First time at Curt since Wednesday. Very dull. A sum + dimes man present. N Herald headed in neglect to be allowed vacation commencing Saturday 11th. Woole to Brewer asking him to cover copy memory herday Wednesday + Saturday. Bayard + Emma hedliby + soda all night. Visited hers. Williams said goodby. Music. Saw number nobodies. MONDAY 6TH Bayard soda Emma Wedleby. Mary and Papa to city. Mary away all night. I stayed home. Played ball with boys and bathed. Family has moved into the Frenchman's. My appear to amonul is little. In evening need pistol from Magie. She is in New York. Wow, wsee me Worrow. Woke up with pains in arm, head, and other parts of body. Pain in arm rhemmatie. Walked in evening. TUESDAY, 7TH Breakfast about 8 1/2. Slept better last night than I thought I would. Papa to city. Had a long + weary wait for news boy. I did not visit city to-day. Boys + I bathed. Played ball. Billiards at Atlantic Hotel. Spent $1.30 before I left. Pleasant on drive warm on road. Pain in arm con-tinues. Papa not home but away to Emmitt's. He way have planted Wednesday. Near allowed buy time pan by before writing. We woul go in potin playing now. Don't know what boys + I did. Passing n attun stupid time WEDNESDAY 8TH Have not been to Cennt since Saturday. Peed. Lamg leller from forever. I believe we were crabbing in the morning. Rurued a good deal. Battred in creek (Cinq Island) Played ball in afternoon. Bealets 915. 2 by Winmay. I played unetchedly in night field. Belle Sullivan on a visit. Also Bayard. Both away. Belle prip to New bay. Warm day. Suteal thinking. THURSDAY 9TH George + I to New York. Made out my bill $13.70. George with me. We managed to enjoy ourselves. Called on Belle in 9. 16th sheet. She was fine. George + I dined at Aslin House. About this time wrote Brewer; Mailed letter to Aunt Jennie + need telegram from Papa. Mary pool to city almt this time. Either today or Friday called upon Min Battersenn. FRIDAY 10TH To city late. Drew way $13.70. To Cennt. Very little there. Intended to visit Magie: did not; want of time. Met boys + Brasher at the Aslin House. Good dinner: till fooled by Brasher. To the park Neahe. New York. Saw "Baly". Not up to expectations and rather dreary. In a rush for last dummy; missed it. Bayard home. Boys + I home on foot. Tired and dusty. SATURDAY 11TH No Mary all day. George + I to city. I tried to see several parties on business. Ny were all out. Brought some tea and sugar. Mary Rob still away. Mrs. Brooks + Mrs. French from Baltimore. First a cousin of Papa, other her friend. I was the entertainor. Mrs. Brooks rather nice looking. The other not so much so. Both good talkers. Saw Bayard. He is down for a day or two. He and the boys ammiup themselve. Frank O'Hanlin on a visit. SUNDAY 12TH Spent part of the day entertaining Mrs. Brooks + Mrs. French. Bayard Frank + Willie out sailing. Lost my gold ring which I had worn night + day continuously for over a year. Felt badly. Arrival of Magie + Mary. Magie looking well and improved. She felt hurt I had not called upon her. Kelly, Dan + Soloman silly here. My four ladies + the four men or boys walking. Walked with Magie. Sat about on our return and they retired.

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