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AUGUST MONDAY 13TH 1877 Intended to go to city but changed my mind. I think it was raining at times. Bathed. The boys + I trying to amuse each other. They were to have gone home today but my letter + WIllie's permissions induced their father to allow them a buy or vacation. George was on the boat with baggage when Willie came from Newark with good news. Had a good the first talk with Magie. She has greatly changed in as much as she likes me more. She + I talking about everything. TUESDAY 14TH Weather disagreeable; plenty of rain at night. George + I to city. Soda water billiards dinner and visits to places on father's business. Quite warm. Mrs. OBrien came down + stayed all night. Bathing by George + self in morning. Magie + I talking at intervals. She has told me a great deal that surprises + pains me + I unhappily the same to her. George Will + I played poker till late. Smoking a great deal + of course threatening to quit. WEDNESDAY 15TH Rained most of day and night. Spent most of the day with Magie. We talked earnestly on a subject which saddened both of us. Mutual interchanges of confidence. She cares more for me than I deserve. George's birthday. Willie + I to Furnell's. Billiards. Home in rain + in best clothes. Stupid evening till Mrs. B and Mrs. F to bed. Then Magie Bayard Mary + self sat up till after 2. Good + kind Magie. THURSDAY 16TH Nice weather once more. Bayard away early. Mary Rob, Mrs O'Brien, Magie, Mrs. Brooks + Mrs. French away to New York. Had a short talk with third before she left. She intends calling again before leaving for Lan-caster. George accompanied the ladies to Locust-Grove. Aunt Mary sent a message to me through Frank through Bayard to do something for her which message is unintelligible + which something therefore not to be done. In bathing. Men with boys to Manhattan Beach by dummy hence by Man. Beach R.R. to Island. Found great-deal G interested up. Nice ride on rail road the great number of people at the place the hotel Erafulla's band and the people in bathing. Came on almost 2. Left at 9:30 P.M. (and the last) car. High prices for meals but the prettiest part of Cinq Island the best hotel to. Arrived at Bath found Papa home. Mary away. To bed quite late. Papa in room + at diary. FRIDAY 17TH George + I to New York. Willie on a surrie from Cinq Island to Bath. Saw Brasher. Drew bill $10.70 which Brasher made out yesterday. Treated George to dinner at New quiri's in Fulton Pl; The boys off on 5:30 boat for New York. Real o my to have their fo. arrival of Mr. + Mrs. Griswold + their children. Mr. G's Papa cousin. Quie wonderful: Talking to girls opposite. SATURDAY 18TH Passed a stupid morning. In afternoon fishing with Griswold. Caught about 30 small fish. In rain storm. Walked first Howell in back. Visit from Brasher. Aunt Sue coming soon. Yesliva read emciliatay letter from Brewer. Dull evening. Brasher left late. Sat out on stoop. Papa scolding without foundation. Beautiful evening. To bed late after falling asleep on stoop with doors + windows opened. Listening to foolishness of girls opposite. SUNDAY 19TH Spent nearly all morning reading Herald in causegreluce dis-gusted with myself. Spent part of afternoon on pause work for it is a tank. More disgusted. Bayard down. He and mary seemed blujoy themselves. I had a stupid time. Papa + the Maryland people out walking. I did nothing except looking over old papers. Fabling laughing smoking and unwilling to go to bed with the lovely moonlight we now enjoy. MONDAY 20TH Called in evening to see Miss Batterson. Found she'd left Bath on Thursday. Arrival of Aunt Sue Dada + O'Gorman little ones also Daisy O'Hanlin. In the morning Willie Rob Griswold + self looking for soft shell crabs, caught one. Warm time of it. Expensive too. Did nothing else of account. Met Rickaful. Played pool. Part of folks in Kirstens.

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