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Robinson Diary Page115

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1873 Car fare from New York to Newark Car fare from Newark to South Orange Sundried ( honecar, ferry, papers &Co. (3.5.)) 8th To James R. Avielle for present to Jas. H. Comigau 10 th Sundries (candy (3.5))

" Chap. 14. Christianity found society on the verge of dissolution, Religion was impotent. Knowledge had disappeared. Roman laws owed part of their goodness to Christian ideas. Rome did not wisely use its power. Then Christianity appeared with a twofold salvation. When Christianity and Paganism met Paganism subsided. Paganism never did anything for the good of man. Chistianity's sole object was the improvement the regeneration of man.

Chap. 15. The Church was a negenerative association, She Changed the world. Fake Slavery. predominant. who abolished it among Christian nations. Juizot says the church permitted slavery. She was obliged to let it continue. It did all that was possible in favor of human liberty. Too sudden an emancipation would have upset the social system.

Chap. 16, Christianity's first movement was against the force of ideas. Slaves were regarded as different in soul and body from their masters. Christianity proclaimed holy fraternity and equality. Slaves exaggerated this principle. The Church target them to be obedient to authority. While preaching obedience to authority she founded it on Divine authority. The church softened the treatment of slaves.

ماTuesday 19th

Attending to my duties. Don't get down any too early but mite apeal deal and cover courts pretty thoroughly. My hat is very old. Its zip winter my pants raffed to. My eni account for but my troubles light except for lowness of spirits and my wretched cough. Mrs. Williams expected home to morrow. Neglecting tonite to children or to Miss Moorhead, Look around office until late for no reason under the sun. Lose a great deal of sleep which I need. Smoking ahead.

Wednesday 20th We have very pour weather. My cold to gets worse + worse seemingly instead of better. My shoes are commencing to go. George called for me at office. During tonn, having still a little to unite we missed Newark train by a little. Wretched night but we went eight or ten blocks to play billiards. I now have cold in head in addition to the cough..

Thursday 21st Put in bill for $24 which and don't state it to noow was allowed. City edition meighan “off’ duty. Perhaps he’s sick or perhaps he’s drunk. Now Prestion has for wo or three nights invited me to supper. Believe came in from newark. George loaned me $2. I have $15 but am saving it. Hope to save some. Also out of next week. I am not feeling well.

Friday 22nd

To the Courts. Doubtful about Essex. Drank much com sock whiskey and candy for cough with no Effect. Rain Rain Rain is long and lasting. Kept it off away for while but at last I caught it. with May Mumay + count reporters to Wood fine " on 6th ave. Sat down talked drank + I passed stupid time. Met George at Muim Square theatre. Saw" Celebrated Cuse" a good play well acted especially ↳ Cophlan, to Newark, Toled.

Saturday 23rd

Came in either with or before George. Rainy weather certainly foggy. Don't think I went to court in morning. Did in afternoon though feeling d-d unwell. Not much to write - yes there was and was to court in the morning on the Restell case. Wrote bigsting. Office wished to send me on a midnight accident. I couldn’t see it. aut fue at Harlem.

Saturday 24th

Through with Court's earlier today than usual, To Both of them. Essex was closed when I arrived there. To Bath on 5 dummy. Neu played billiards and loufed at Jurnell's until after 9 1/2. Feeling poorly. To bed late and May got my supper. When Papa in bed she came down and said we’'d better speak. She claimed it would be foolish to continue as we are. Both fed.

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