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Thursday 23rd I was handed a little for $8. I expected it to be produced a little. So not Expect it to be arranged a little oo not remember e fol- anything today. I knew it was today, the same old sling to high neck. We hand to tell Rosanna will expect Celinda. Today is fine as the Sullivan now live at logo?. 230 street. Bille lacey never decided to answer my cell all toast. They requested me gently write when. Havverluas sensible molto expect a cabernet I am not disapparated. Frankl often nos not until uncle lido Brache daily and will.

Friday 24th finally, very ridicule cutey made out - well live said the Bill amount to $8. This is a Bella Thorne than last week. In everal putin nichlit dulg. Mis $4 anyway.. so much for next week. Sent it to hunt up a biography of Scipi L. Leslie second. to frank Leslies here in sth Avenue cleaned notice there, then to deceased's here in 630 sheets. Sana nice looking in a there who sun me fou facts. to office. then around the stations. San hoe touch wishes sighting comer of Pearl and Nathan.

Saturday 25th where in the second 20 Minutes they have me which I covered with will create 20694 at aunt place too soon that is all. I have not paid auntie any money, much more rich in a long time. L in a long time. Little soon home and not well. Little follow them. Mary east evening at aunt Mepels When will be completed. 9th sheet.

Saturday 25th Soon to the office early, then to Balti million, Vin cames claim ad. I no often use it. Way of the beach. Some little difficulty in selecting even discovering long dislike to sit my feet with the evening to times where was really heat me at Lillian. the umal croud of rochten they then hormet som obed. Willie and model and then Food time. We pruned the day very quietly. Willie and I chatted considerably. We would and Lulled. The arrival of hash with the paper. Reading them. Winner, he evening played pole—Papa most beat lie. We had a pretty au enjoyable evening. Willie spent cast night & tonight with me. We had a short-some of ball church day, vint reminder, ay bong to have been done here. People next door showed us once er lunch, they have no boundary a get. Is Papa feeling well?

Sunday 26th Willie or man being here, I got up difficult as a little. Willie paid. We left- house boring here & got up earlier than otherwise urged have demure edit in Fittimpacun to all tide low. Willie Acron Emily, but I wet-mycelium in a depot. Men to office, I got. When times holding nothing rail out the city, he perceives his death more. Pellet I. t., Johosline, there. Then to Brusher hay aunties Frank. Kitchens, then topic, founded a quest tear up the way up to panic many read at office. So nothing. It helped to write then dial within reading a bear cleaner, Frist time for a long time. The reason because I could not help it. I bought clip, to find out it funny Willie Enron. Walled with Preston. Then to the theatre. Sing time since I win to the theatre before.

Mondy 27th William Terrace Linh and in "unit health assumptions "haritun. Read while Alice dinning - very pretty and nice actor he rescues over very lunch like a man who hurries was in private brittle mother, sun them on the run & young drag von Zülng to the office where large synch & young with. where there is. This page is not nice looking. Not writing to coronation day. I stayed nothing for today but an assignment for tomorrow - lagged at the office until the evening when I awaited for Bath via best Hennillin. By Economist, I have enough to get them the week.

Tuesday 28th I do not have a week, thank goodness. May also papa. May had been to Bame's reception. It is a beautiful, and a nice walk home from Hamilton. I ate up late doing nothing. Often and again and to use it must not, but John still notes. As aunt ha saps einesolute solen. My clothes in and condition, particularly coat which is all and in elke rides being study looking my shirt suitable Had I shown what weather there would be at having.

Wednesday 29th This paper is not nice. Thursday 30 here before I left hay carried me to wear my coat the weather there I have wisely remained in Bath. then sharing of rain in a while in the day •Moringof rain while the rain in tents. Posted like the old Harry Williant an in wet hit, not boas so until I wretched born 118 ist to 11of st rn 1181 out then went thin we new accidunt. all during dinner ended dinner of Cominsiuners of upfront inbox after that can not collect 20 Juvells at a time.

Thursday 30th Up by 11 or 12. My clothes were thoroughly dried. Yet it is unfree, thoroughly dried, get put them on. And manage as lying and indictive as usual. Coated at the office all the next and went down loun. Bret dramatic thrice all day with no pood Neault theatricals we Theatricals very stupid. Varied all day long. find one place of amusement to go to extensors wear

tided to set.

Friday 31st Hardest none gets up about 9 Left aunts after 12. Charmed with me a small and almost useless umbrella Felt unwell as mining at the office. Wished to go home but at 3 given any boring schedule 1/2, I threw the used urn out tube logo on audit. June was in West 54. test; a meeting of an article derail, whiles walking in by the St. Back to the office!! merely dummy for the first time Harald then down so home Genset while was spare.

Saturday 1st Hardest time yet. Up about 9 a day and going to the office at 12. Combined with constant working at the office. Wished to go home at least 3 times.

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