This site seeks the assistance of the Seton Hall community in making modern, accessible transcriptions of archival texts.  Transcribing handwritten or poorly rendered text not only makes these materials easier to read, it also allows people with disabilities to access the content using a screen reader, and eases research by creating a text that is keyword searchable and machine readable.  It is an enormous service to everyone interested in the history of Seton Hall.  

These transcription projects were curated from materials from Seton Hall's Special Collections, which includes the Archives and the Gallery. The Walsh Gallery has a considerable collection of fine art, artifacts and archeological specimens. For access to this or other objects in our collections, complete this research request form to set up an appointment. To make an appointment to see any archival materials, which includes manuscripts, postcards, photographs, audiovisual content, you can follow this link.

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For returning transcribers, please head on over to Scripto, to log in and view your progress, or to Browse Collections, to choose a collection and page to begin transcribing.

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