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Log in using your MediaWiki details to begin transcribing! And remember the following transcription directions:


Our main goal is to create text that mirrors this document. Write down words and paragraphs as you see them.

Please preserve original spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word order, even if it is grammatically incorrect.

You may include the correct spelling of a word in double brackets next to the incorrectly spelled word, or in the notes field of the respective transcription page, but this is optional.

Ex: Abigale Adams [[Abigail Adams]].

One exception: if a word is hyphenated because it goes across two lines, type it out as one word. See example page.


Our goal is to improve readability and searchability and we want to avoid cluttering the pages--don't worry about formatting.

Minimize the use of double brackets [[ ]] to describe what you see, think about readability and searchability. For math or columned format, avoid using the double brackets as much as possible, and make sure to review the specific instructions included for the project you are working on. See "advanced instructions" to learn more about transcribing columned data, and other more complicated content.

Do not indicate font style, underlined, or bolded or italicized text.