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April June day 25th 1878 Rain continuing. Played billiards with Willie. I won. Stalking with reach, aunt Sue turned to persist in making me rat dinner. That is a solid dinner When arrived in N. 4. raining hard. 2001 double cars to the office. Loafed in Alice Made cut little forts. Helped Proston unite. Then with into dinner and to Wallacks. He was at first in pour humor did the plan improved him unch Walled chatted the parted for home.

Friday 26th No wonder given to me yesterday or today. So office in pretty good time. Raining yesterday and today. Drew out the bill. They allow me what I asked. Hean time. money last week, Just this week, one Preston $10.50. Slew in office until Preston came in. He was in the banks (Savings). Helped him tonite his article a We chên dined. on Broadway car to 2 in st. Hence in Erand's opera Herse, Lone and I can no. m Culleugh as Spalacies in Gladiators Mort him. OBrien there.

Saturday 27th Rain with little intervals of clearing up. To office late. The intention of going to Balti on the last dummy. Started but turned back. Precious to this had dined will Preston. Staged about the office until late. Then to Harlem, where arrived 10/2, all in bed. Moses there. Getting too warn for luce in a bed. slept poorly. at one time in the evening thinking of visiting the theatre. But there was nothing to sell. George called at the office before I arrived. He left a note for me stretched sole Ball.

Sunday 28th Dampness throughout the day. To Bath on the same dummy as Brushes, the 12 o'clock. met him at Brooklyn station. During trifling neglect Quan (my washerwoman) wore a dirty select collar. Worse still have to wear it (that) ominous Spent duped dag hat was aiming long idling Papa lecturing. In Evening played poses to suit all I lost & cents, May 26. Papa Brushes may & be self-played. May in bad lemon she hoo $1.50 late tickets & then divert use them. Ecosse did not come. Auto May merciful in making new. The renders mean. Noun

Monday 29th up in time to hug off her nice late. Hing about Herald Afice until evening, Riven best assessment of wheel that not by chance. Denovan Ronas lechine at Cooper destitute. Placed. Expensive dinner at Monguinis. Cost 55 cuts, to te rustilile. Net so bad a performance as d expected. Urol it) up very briefly. Inoelled danlane weds. The little ones to Neumelst Mecule touch been troubled me were my old clothes. I am now outside the vill.

Tuesday 30th

a Lazy again. To office by 1 or 2. Might as well have remained in Hanlendar no wonder. Back to Harlem discussed. Wished te foto see the calling. Don't hand pan. 7& case salon. Boronic 25centiat a time, Pretty bad. Look, us if this luck would hang around me for me time to come. Minded going to the theatre often less this week. will probably not be all. Bashmet man at and hands, the last Harleen. Brusher pulling up carpet. Aunt heart self lobed. Dissatisfied with even this.

Wednesday 31st at Opened disagreeable. Cleared up. Aunt Mary doubled. Moving. Things are upside down. Myself up 6/2. Breakfast at about 7. Couped around until 8/ Bid the German's good ly. heel sorry for that suffering young girl. Arrived, at the office by 10. Helped Doyle to write. this excuse the old one rheumatism, -his time in his thumb. Fisher sich a drunk sent to the counts for the day in his place. Only an item. Rain, Fosfollowed to Bath ly & 6th Street, day walk, Bedly ll.

Thursday 32nd Full-tired after yesterday's exercise. Slept soundly during the night. Reply 10. Left the hon by 11. To file Hamilton Wann weather. Fine day. Carried overcoat enables to put off the way. Before learning house borrowed 250 from Mary at office bestowed is from Conan. Again sent to Jefferson & Essex market Courts. Very little Hines, at either. To office. Then to Bath by way to Hamilton. Walked, Expected to find it under, but it was only dusty. Placed out. Kort sore. Eat hearty dinner when arrived home as had had nothing since a Coatnch this in mine. Expected sellers but no me had been open office strict young Dunn jersey of lines in the afternoon. at up till 11/ readine &chuinning!

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