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Explore South Mountain Reservation

Tour curated by: Jess Guijarro | 0 Locations

The South Mountain Reservation is a nature reserve within the Essex County Park System. It is the largest park in the county and it comprises over 2,000 acres.

Located just a short drive from campus, the park provides plentiful opportunities for people to get outside and relax in nature. The Reservation is located between the first and second ridges of the Watchung Mountains. It features an Olmsted-designed landscape and a variety of easy to moderate trail options, including hiking trails as well as multi-use carriage roads for jogging, horseback riding and cross-country skiing. Many of the walkways and stone bridges were built in the 1930s by the Army Corps of Engineers. The 40 mile-long Lenape trail (yellow blazes) runs for 6 miles through the length of the reserve.

From hours-long hikes to nature walks, the reserve affords visitors a variety of options to engage with nature. So pack a snack and plenty of water and hit the road!